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Ailment Homeopathic treatment part one by Dr Alan Greenberg

Hi there. I’m Dr. Alan Greenburg, and I practice here in Las Vegas. I do homeopathic medicine. One of the main questions that I get is, “Can you help me with …” Okay. Let’s call them ailments. Disease. This is a very difficult subject in a way. People want a diagnosis of their problem. “Put me in a category. Do I have arthritis? Do I have depression? Do I have lumbar spondylosis?” Whatever it is, they want to get a diagnosis, but in homeopathic medicine, it’s the whole person. If you actually want a holistic treatment, homeopathy isn’t your game.

For instance, let’s say the most distressing problem you have is gastritis. Can you even read that? I can’t. Gastritis. Your belly hurts, worse when you eat. You have a lot of gas and bloating. You’re taking Zantac and you’re farting all over the place, right? Great. But also, you have leg pain. Also, you have a little sleep problem. You don’t always sleep that well. That’s what makes up the disease. Okay, it’s not the gastritis, but it’s all the parts of you. We’re going to do a little series of different ailments like depression and anxiety and allergies, little videos just to give you an idea of how it’s going to go. Okay?

This is video one, ailments, what disease is. Disease is not a label. Diseases are all the things that are not normal for you. Pain. Lots of women come in and they have menstrual cycle pain. They think it’s normal. It is not normal. If you’re a woman and you have pain when you have your period, it is not normal. It’s all the other, what we call in the homeopathic profession, concomitance, additional complaints, and many people have them. Some people only have one complaint, but there are many people with additional complaints. Okay, so that takes care of this. We’re going to do our next video in a sec.

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