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Alternative Constipation Treatment

When it comes to bowel movement, each person can have a different pattern. Some go in the morning, some in the evening. Others go several times a day while others go every three days. Not having bowel movement each day is not an indication of bad health. What matters is that the pattern is regular. However, what happens when there is a difficulty in bowel movement? What if it is less than the normal pattern for that person? This may mean the person is constipated.

Almost each person in the world goes through constipation at one point or the other in their lives. This is when the pattern of bowel movement is severely interrupted to the point that it is less than normal. If you experience three to five times a week and it is now just once or twice, then you are most probably constipated.

Although this is not a serious condition on its own, it can leave the person feeling different. At times the person would feel weaker or less productive. This is because the body is not in a normal balance. And when that happens, you will not be able to give 100% in any endeavour you are going for.

In treating constipation with homeopathy, we first have to determine if it is actually constipation.

Constipation Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of constipation are:

➣ Significantly fewer bowel movements than normal
➣ Having trouble or straining to move bowels
➣ Either hard or small stools
➣ A bloated feeling especially in the belly area
➣ A feeling that there is something left inside after bowel movement

In other cases, people feel the need to press on their stomachs in an effort to help release their stools.

Constipation Causes

There can be one or more causes for a person to become constipated. Below are some of the most common causes listed in no particular order.

➣ Not drinking enough water on a daily basis
➣ Not consuming enough fiber to clean out the digestive system
➣ Radical and quick change to eating habits
➣ Consuming a huge amount of dairy products
➣ Getting stressed
➣ Using too much laxatives
➣ Taking certain medications such as strong pain drugs, anti-depressants, or iron pills
➣ Always resisting the urge to release your bowels
➣ Pregnancy
➣ Colon cancer
➣ One of many eating disorders
➣ Nerve damage or problem within the muscles of the digestive system
➣Irritable bowel syndrome

Homeopathy for Constipation

Because constipation is basically an imbalance in the body, homeopathy is a good course to fix that balance and bring the body into harmony once again. The trick is to properly diagnose the person, not just the condition, in order to prescribe the proper treatment.

Here are some examples of homeopathic treatments for constipation:


For people experiencing constipation along with dryness in the area of the rectum, then Bryonia is the homeopathic treatment to go for. This is especially true if the person is also experiencing large, dry stools that are extra hard to push out since it is accompanied by tearing pains. The person would most probably be grouchy and could be tense from work-related issues.


This is a good homeopathic treatment for constipation when the person is experiencing very large and dry stools without the urge to release their bowels. At the same time, they would most probably have a heavy feeling in their lower abdomen. The anus could also be itchy and have a burning sensation.

Natrum Muriaticum

When the person has a craving for salty foods and does not seem to get thirsty with very dry stools, then in this situation Natrum Muriaticum is the best homeopathic treatment for constipation.


If the person who is suffering from constipation is also finding a lot of straining pain while trying to pass their stool, then he/she would do well with his homeopathic treatment for constipation. Normally when this person is able to release their bowels, the stool would be quite narrow and covered with mucus.

Calcarea Carbonica

When for some reason the person feels a bit more stable while constipated, has a feeling of discomfort or experiences fatigue when bowels are moved, then it is time for Calcarea Carbonica as a homeopathic treatment. Often times the person would also have large stools at first and is very hard. This will then turn to sticky, then eventually liquid. The person would most probably feel sluggish and chilly as well and is craving sweets.

Nux Vomica

A person who really, really wants to release their bowels but can’t is the overarching definition of constipation that would react well with this homeopathic treatment. This is known to be effective for people who are impatient, ambitious, and those who work too hard but do not exercise much. At the same time, they indulge themselves in alcohol or stimulants.


When the person has a heavy sensation in the rectum and always feels like there is something left inside the stomach even after moving bowels, then Sepia might be needed. This homeopathic treatment for constipation works well for stools that are difficult to pass and feels very hard even though they are small. The person would also experience cold hands and feet and would be quite irritable.

Serious Constipation

There are times however, that constipation requires immediate medical attention though. This happens when:

➣ Blood is found on the stool
➣ The shape, size, and consistency of the stool has changed dramatically
➣ Constipation has lasted for more than two weeks
➣ Severe pain during bowel movements

It is always important to listen to your body. If there is something wrong with it, there are different ways the body would alert you. Constipation is one of them. If you are doing something wrong in your daily routine, you would get constipated. Homeopathic treatments are great in helping you get over this, but it is always best to try and prevent getting constipated in the first place by eating right and exercising regularly.

**Please note** These descriptions cannot be used to treat, but just to give a person an idea of the different homeopathic remedies available. Each remedy must be matched to the individual’s unique problem. This is why it’s best to consult a homeopathic specialist on your individual situation.

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