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Belief vs Reality. Throughout history, people’s beliefs have made reality hard to perceive – even if the reality was right in front of them.

Copernicus said that it was the Earth revolved around the sun, not the sun that revolved around the Earth.

Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis was a Hungarian Doctor who said we could prevent deaths during childbirth by washing our hands prior to the delivery process. He was ostracized, driven to almost madness – yet his observation was true.

In the late 1700’s, treatment for fever would be to slit a wrist and to allow the blood to drip into a bucket. For Epilepsy, burning and blistering was treatment of choice. Scholarly books were written on the subject. It was taught in Medical Schools in Europe. People argued vehemently for this type of treatment. Now you ask, “how can that be?”

Modern Medicine now declares, in present day, that there are certain illnesses we cannot cure. If you have asthma: there is no cure, we can only manage it. If you have allergies: there is no cure, we can only manage it.

Your belief in the idea that you can’t be cured is even more solidified when you go on the internet and read all about your diagnosis. You become an expert about the subject matter.

With all this information gathered, when another approach is shown to you it seems improbable, at best. You may ask questions such as “How can this be,” “this is nonsense,” and “I have done the research.”

Even if a close friend explains to you how homeopathic medicine helped them, you still cannot accept this anecdote as true. You have been ingrained with the idea that your problem is incurable. Which, if you continue to use modern medicine, is completely true.

This cycle goes on and on. People go to MD, take drugs and never really get well. Feeling sicker over the years, but blaming old age, not the fact the disease is progressing.

Why do people accept these outcomes? It seems to me management of an ailment should be the last resort, not the first.

So why do we do it? Because of what we believe. Where our information is coming from. Just like in history, the prevailing ideas do not have to be right, no matter how much powerful people, and the media argue for it.

Simply put, using our modern medicine only manages the problem. The ailments do not go away. People are still getting sicker. The drugs then cause a host of other problems (but that is for another blog).

What gets created from this model of only managing, not curing disease is that a sect of people become desperate for relief and become willing to try things out of the box. More than likely if you are reading to this blog, you are searching for something out of the box. How will you make your choice?

I see people using herbs and vitamins like you would a drug to manage the problem. Turmeric for inflammation. Oh, its healthier than NSAIDS. Limiting their diet where food becomes the enemy. I feel better without Gluten, Carbs, Grains, etc. I feel better just eating raw foods. Yet these people are still not better. This is simply another form of management: Just changing their lifestyle to cope with their disease.

The newest fad is using Cannabis or Hemp products. Again, only managing the problem.

Needing to see their Chiropractor every month to keep the pain at bay. Once again, you’re only managing the problem.

Many people find me from reviews on line. Even though they see how happy others are with the treatment, people come in afraid, skeptical and in the worst case, not open to following direction.

Homeopathic medicine has been helping people since 1796. Homeopathy which is the practice of the Law of Similar, which actually cures the problem in many cases. Millions and millions of people since then have become well through the correct use of Homeopathy. Homeopathy is being successfully used to treat desperate people in India, Europe, The USA, and many other places all over the world. All people who had tried all forms of healing, only to finally become well with homeopathic treatment

There are studies to prove my claim. For instance, a Swiss Pediatrician, Heiner Frei, did a study with Swiss Government on kids with ADHD. In the study there was a peer review where many of the scientists wanted Homeopathy to fail. As it turns out, Frei had 85% success rate of with these children (

Yet people will still find some reason not believe, even though evidence is right in front of you.

I can show you reviews of satisfied patients. Your belief will stop you from acting.

People will continue to go to MD after MD in hopes of a better solution. Maybe this specialist will know more. Yet they are doomed to only managing the problem.

Are you able to break the brain washing? Can you finally take your first steps to getting well?

Call me: Dr. Alan Greenberg. Stop managing the problem and finally get well.

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