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How Homeopathy can help with Anxiety

Anxiety is perfectly normal. It is a natural response of your body with regards to change in your life such as starting a new job or moving to somewhere new. It is a reaction to the unknown. It may be unpleasant but it can drive you to work harder or be used as motivation to be a better version of yourself. It also comes and goes and does not necessarily interfere with your day to day activities.

The problem of anxiety disorder occurs once the feeling of nervousness is so intense that it is debilitating to a person. The fear is constantly there and is strong enough to discourage the person from taking any action.

In extreme cases, this type of anxiety can lead you to stop enjoying the things you normally do. There is no more satisfaction in doing sports, hobbies, or any of the things you previously loved to do. For some people, they even stop being able to do mundane tasks such as crossing the street, riding the bus, or leaving their beds. If this is left untreated it can keep getting worse.

Homeopathy for anxiety can be very effective. However, you need to know what type of anxiety disorder you are experiencing.

Types of Anxiety Disorders

There are different types of anxiety disorders. In order for homeopathy to be effective for treating anxiety, the first thing we need to do is know what type you are experiencing. Below is a quick look at the different types of anxiety disorders.

  • ➣ Phobia – This is the excessive fear of a situation, activity, or object to the extent that it is debilitating.
  • ➣ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – This is characterized by recurring irrational thoughts that lead to performing repeated action to achieve or prevent irrational thought.
  • ➣ Panic Disorder – Recurring panic attacks during unexpected times. This leads to the person living in fear of having another panic attack.
  • ➣ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Following a traumatic event, people can experience anxiety especially if facing the same circumstances as the traumatic event.
  • ➣ Social Anxiety Disorder – This is for people who fear being judged by other people when interacting in social situations.
  • ➣ Illness Anxiety Disorder – Extreme fear and anxiety about health concerns.
  • ➣ Separation Anxiety Disorder – This is characterized by extreme fear of being away from home, from loved ones, or from other people who are important to you and are regularly present from day to day.

Symptoms of Anxiety for Homeopathy

Now that we know the different types of anxiety that can affect you, it is time to look at the symptoms that characterize anxiety.

Overall, different people can feel different things when experiencing anxiety. This is the advantage of using homeopathy for anxiety, because we deal with the person and not just the ailment. I’ll look at each case individually basing my findings.

One common underlying factor with anxiety disorder is the feeling of no control over what is happening around you or with your body. This can include consistent nightmares, painful thoughts and memories which keep creeping up, and a general feeling of worry without any real reason. This can also be the opposite of extreme fear of a specific place or situation.

Generally symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Rapid breathing
  • Significant increase in heart rate
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Restlessness and difficulty sleeping

Anxiety Attack

Symptoms of anxiety are signs that you may have the disorder. An anxiety attack is the debilitating effect of having anxiety disorder. This is when the fear or worry becomes so overwhelming. For some people, the attack can build up slowly. For others it can come in one fell swoop.

The attack is commonly associated with sweating, chills or hot flashes, shortness of breath, distress, and numbness.

What is the cause of Anxiety?

Although this has been known for quite some time, researchers are not 100% sure as to what actually causes anxiety disorder. It can be a combination of different things rather than a single cause. The best way to describe it is that the brain chemistry is altered due to different influences.

Homeopathy for Anxiety

Now that we have gone through the causes and background of anxiety, it is now time to discuss the possible remedies.

Homeopathy for anxiety has slowly become quite popular for the disorder because of its efficiency. It is attributed to the natural way homeopathy can help restore balance to the body.

The treatment I will prescribe would of course depend on the type of anxiety you have, what you are experiencing during attacks, and what symptoms are most prominent.

**Please note** These descriptions cannot be used to treat, but just to give a person an idea of the different homeopathic remedies available. Each remedy must be matched to the individual’s unique problem. This is why it’s best to consult a homeopathic specialist on your individual situation.

Kali Phophoricum

This is a good treatment for individuals who are deemed vulnerable to being stressed and being overwhelmed. Their anxiety usually comes from goals that are unreasonable. This can take a physical toll on the person.

Kali Arsenicosum

A good remedy for people experiencing anxiety based from their health. There is a fear of heart attacks and even death. Because of this, they are very prone to panic attacks.


When a person feels anxiety due to inadequacy, or pressure from other people, Gelsemium is a good homeopathic treatment.


For people who are experiencing intense symptoms or anxiety attacks, Aconite is the ideal homeopathic treatment. This is especially true if the person is also experiencing increased heart rate, dry skin, and dry mouth.


Generally Ignatia is also a recommended homeopathic treatment for depression. But for people suffering from anxiety disorder stemming from grief or loss, this also works very well.

Consider Homeopathy for Anxiety

If you think you are suffering from anxiety attacks, or you feel that your life is being troubled by fear, do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation. We will find the best homeopathic treatment for you.

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