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Homeopathy and ADHD

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg and I practice homeopathic medicine here in Las Vegas. A very common complaint I see all the time is ADHD, attention deficit disorder. There’s a bunch of different types, restless types, attention types, oppositional types. We’re not going to go through all of them, but this is one disorder that’s different than other problems. First when I get a person, I want them to be formally diagnosed with ADHD from a neurologist or psychiatrist or psychologist. I want them to have taken all the tests because if they really have ADHD what we have found is that really it’s a perception problem.

What I mean by a perception problem, these children, it’s not that their brains are not functioning but it’s the way they perceive the world. Many of them have hyper-sensitivities to touch, to pressure. Many of them have problems with talking and writing and reading, that you use your eyes and it’s a perception in the way it goes into the brain. It’s those special combinations of a child that is warm blooded, has trouble reading, can’t understand this, has irritability, those special combinations will give the homeopathic medicine.

In fact, they did a very complete study of this in Switzerland where they took over 500 children and they got 87 percent of them well, they did not need medication, Adderall or Ritalin. They got many of the children off their drugs by doing this with their perceptive problems. I have a checklist, it makes it easy for the parents to go through the checklist and mark what’s wrong. Then I have a chart, we call it the Conners Globe index where you rate the child. In other words, it says excitable impulse, zero is barely, is nothing, three is very strong.

When you add up the ten categories, when it goes past ten they have mild ADHD. 10 to 20 is moderate and above that, 20 and up it gets severe. What we see is over months that Conners Globe index goes down. Our goal is to get it down to five or six, where the child is then performing normally, not disturbing the family anymore, sleeping well, eating well and not needing any medication and having the problem cured for a lifetime. ADHD is a special problem, okay? Thanks.


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