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Homeopathy FAQs by Dr. Alan Greenberg

Hi. I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg. I practice homeopathic medicine here in Las Vegas. I want to talk something quickly about Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs.

It’s on my website, if you want to go there also, but quickly, some of the big questions I get, because many people call me. I will speak to you personally. If you have a problem, you can call my office and say you’d like to talk to me about your personal problem, quickly, if I can help or not. Some of the questions I get, what are costs? We did a cost video. The initial cost is 200. Do I treat children? The answer is yes. I’ve treated one hour old babies, and I’ve treated 100 year old people. Okay?

Does insurance cover this? The answer is not usually. If you have special insurance, I will fill out any form that you want, but it’s going to be pay as you go. Your health accounts will pay. If you have a Visa, MasterCard, and you have a health account, I can accept those. Those are some of the main questions besides, can you help this problem? Many people call up and they ask … they have this weird syndrome. Only one out of million people have it. Many of those syndromes can be helped with homeopathy. If there’s some weird genetic thing, maybe not, but if they have symptoms that we can see and get conditions, what makes it better, what makes it worse, usually the problem can be helped. All right? If it’s a genetic condition like cerebral palsy, we can make the person better, but probably not cure the CP. All right?

You can call me personally. I can’t think of any other big questions that I get all the time besides, can you help this or that? If you go to my website, it’s a wealth of information also. You’ll see these videos all posted on the website.

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