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Homeopathy for Chronic Pain Treatment in Las Vegas

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg. Over the years, I’ve been studying and practicing homeopathy for chronic pain treatment in Las Vegas. Let’s talk about this more natural, individualized alternative to medicinal practice and how it can provide you with more holistic treatment to your particular situation.

Homeopathy: The Second  Largest Therapeutic System in Use in the World

According to the World Health Organization, homeopathy is the second largest therapeutic system in use globally. Many institutions and medical practitioners are integrating this treatment into their healthcare systems. In fact, in the US alone, around seven million Americans practice this treatment and consider it more effective than nutritional supplements.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is more than just chronic pain treatment. In Las Vegas and across the world, a lot of different remedies claim to help manage pain. The problem with these, however, is they only manage or treat the indicator of the problem and do not address it. With homeopathy, we look at how the pain was developed and the actual problems it is causing.

We make sure to have an in-depth discussion with the patients about their personal characteristics, relationships, stress levels, and other factors that are affecting or may have affected their current situation. The purpose of this practice is to understand the patient’s entire experience and expectations so that we can help provide a more holistic and effective treatment.

What are the advantages of Homeopathic solutions?

One study tested homeopathic methods on 43 patients who had chronic lower back pain. After evaluating the results, a lot of the patients’ conditions improved. In fact, the homeopathic methods were well received by the majority of the patients.

Homeopathy has been used most widely in patients suffering from:


• Allergies

• Asthma

• Depression & Anxiety disorders

• Migraines and Tension headaches

• Arthritis

• Fatigue

• Digestive problems


There are a lot of ways for chronic pain relief in Las Vegas using homeopathic methods. Here’s why homeopathy is the better treatment option for your condition:

It is more affordable than traditional medicines.

A lot of homeopathic medicines can be bought over the counter. On average, homeopathic medicines cost $5-$8 each bottle. Aside from being cost-effective, what’s great about these medicines is they also have a long shelf life.

It offers natural treatment.

Homeopathic medicines come from many sources. While a good part of the medication is made from chemicals and minerals like sulphuric acid, iron, and zinc; the majority is taken from plant parts like leaves, flowers, and roots. Even non-harmful bacteria and viruses are used in preparing the medicines.

Your whole lifestyle and background are considered.

As homeopathy is holistic in nature, the patient’s lifestyle is taken into consideration in the development and implementation of the treatment. Prior to therapy, we conduct a thorough check of your personality, family history, and stress levels, among others to fully understand the root cause and major effects of the problem.

It requires small doses of homeopathic medicines.

Some critics claim that homeopathic medicines are too diluted with water; thus, affecting their potency. Centuries of use and effectiveness, however, disprove that claim. The low homeopathy doses are gentle and powerful enough to cure virtually any condition.

Get Homeopathy Treatment for Your Chronic Pain

With homeopathic treatment, you get the medicinal relief that is suited to your body. In addition, not only do you get the ideal dosage; you also save on money for your treatment.

Our special homeopathic medicines get to the source of the pain and take it away for good. We’ve consistently received good word-of-mouth from our patients and earned praise for our natural methods for alleviating the symptoms and cause of the problem. Call us at 702.476.5100 to schedule a consultation, and begin your road to wellness with us!

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