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Homeopathy Treatment Cost

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg. I practice homeopathic medicine in Las Vegas, and today I want to talk about something really important, and that is cost. That’s the big thing that everybody asks about. Cost, insurance, and value. How do you spell value? There we go.

Sorry about my handwriting. So cost, it starts like this. The initial visit is 200, follow up visits are between 100 or 75. Those are my only fees in the office, okay? If the follow ups are 100, if you don’t go on my auto pay system. If you do the auto pay system, you get a 25% discount. Why is there an auto pay system? Because follow ups and assessing how you’re doing down the line is incredibly important.

Many people feel like 200 is too high, which I beg to differ, I’m sorry, because just the other day, a patient came in and told me about one laser treatment they had done for their acne for $450, and they had to do six. Or women, you know, you get your nails done twice a month for 50 bucks. It’s way more than my visit.In fact, even if you’re paying for a drug and you have insurance, the co-pay ends up being more because you have to do it for a lifetime. So the cost is really, really inexpensive, because the value of it is that you get cured.

This is the hardest thing for people to understand, cure. Cure means you’re done with the problem, you’re finished with my medicines, okay? You take my medicine for a certain amount of time, and then you’re better, and you’re done.

The cost, the initial visit’s 200, follow up visits with the auto pay is 75. The value is that you get cured, and sorry, insurance does not usually cover it, it’s an out-of-pocket expense. Again, I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg, and I am in Las Vegas. I’m on Sahara. Okay, thanks.

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