Homeopathy vs.

Homeopathy is Affordable Here are the comparisons:

TreatmentTime InvestedMoney Invested
Stem cell treatment$1,000-$10,000
Functional medicineThousands of dollars in blood tests. 100-750 dollars of supplements a month.
Chiropractic care3x/week$50-$150 a session
Drug therapyExpensive testsDrugs for the rest of your life in some instances
Physical therapy2-3x/week$150/session
Naturopathic medicineSupplements can be over $500/mth. Lab tests are also very expensive
Homeopathic medicine1x/monthAverage cost $75. Average cost for a remedy is $12 only need one a month.
Homeopathic medicine depends on symptoms, therefore in most cases labs are not needed unless it is important to make sure it is not life threatening. Also the correct remedy will eliminate the health problem.
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