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If you are like millions of people who feel desperate because they have tried everything to get well and and still suffering from all kinds of headaches, allergies, depression, gas, bloating, irritable bowel, chronic pain in the back, neck and joints. The list is too long. One day you woke up and realized that the drugs you are taking never make you well or are making you sicker.

What do you do? The first place most desperate people go is to google. What do you search, homeopathy, alternative medicine, the name of the condition, chiropractic, etc.? How to decide? Most people have no clue the difference between any of the above methods of treatment. You are nervous, will it work, how much will it cost, does insurance cover it?

I would like to insert a recent testimonial found on yelp. In fact, as I am writing the article the testimonial is one of yelp’s non recommended reviews. Even the non-recommended reviews are showing people being cured.

5/14/2016 MW writes:

I had been suffering with migraines on and off for 14 years. When I get them it is usually totally debilitating and I am unable to do anything but climb in bed. Over the years I have experimented with MULTIPLE different treatments with minimal to no relief. Although quite a sceptic of homeopathy Dr. Greenberg has made a believer out of me.

After a thorough consultation (be prepared to answer many questions) I was given a small dropper with the remedy. We tweaked the solution a few times but the results were unquestionable. This stuff really works!

Not only does it provide relief but Dr. Greenberg also enlightens you to be able to diagnose the early symptoms and make necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Since my relationship with Dr. Greenberg I have become motivated to be more conscious of what I eat and overall lead a healthier existence.

Surprisingly he is always available by phone/text and I have even continued my treatment after moving to CA. If you are on the fence I highly recommend you give this a try, what do you have to lose? It’s inexpensive and comes with very little risk.

Thank you Dr. Greenberg for all you have done for me and my family!

If you read the reviews about me you will see a running theme, that I am available to you for questions and help. You are not in this alone. If you still feel unsure about your decision feel free to call my office and I will return you phone call as fast as possible (702) 476-5100. The schedule service is there 24/7. 

You can also visit FAQ’s on the website, questions about insurance and fees are all discussed. Getting well is only phone call away. Please stop managing your problem, only homeopathic medicine can eradicate disease.

Chiropractic, nutrition (only sometimes can help), herbs, vitamins cannot thoroughly eradicate the illness as well-chosen homeopathic medicine for the individual.

Dr. Alan Greenberg APH

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