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It’s Time For Permanent Relief!

Arthritis. Asthma. IBS. Depression. Anxiety. Headaches. The list goes on. These are all chronic illnesses that seem to come from the outside world to invade your being. That’s why when you go to the medical practitioner, you look for a diagnosis to give you the steps to be rid of the invader, so you can go back to leading your normal, healthy life.


But these chronic illnesses are not separate entities. They are sensations, functions, and sensitivities, which are all tools your body uses to give you a better picture of how you’re reacting to the surrounding world. For example: Arthritis is an inflammation that may be sensitive to food, weather, exertion, hot or cold.  The Arthritis may affect many joints in the body or it may affect only one.  There are many symptoms under the heading, Arthritis. Now, maybe along with Arthritis, this person also has allergies, which makes this person’s eyes itch. To make it even worse, the person gets headaches as well, which become worse when there’s bright light or noise.


But when you go into your medical practitioner’s office for a diagnosis, they aren’t going to look at the Arthritis, Allergies, and Headaches as smaller pieces of a puzzle that lead to the bigger picture that solves what is creating all these chronic illness in your body; the practitioner will merely treat each problem as a separate, outside entity. The practitioner will see these symptoms as outside forces acting negatively upon you, rather then what they really are, which are clues to lead to the bigger picture, and the real issue your body faces.


So you go home with your prescription medication that only suppresses and manages the symptoms. In this scenario, let’s say the practitioner wrote you a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. And while your arthritis is getting some relief, your headaches and allergies are still as bad as ever. Even worse, if you were to miss taking the anti-inflammatories for even a day, your arthritis pain would be back in a flash. The medication never actually made you well.


Not seeing each symptom as part of a whole, but instead as a separate entity or defect is the major flaw in today’s medical institution. This decision to treat symptoms piecemeal is the reason I can GUARANTEE that prescription medications will NEVER make you well. It’s usually when people realize this glaring fact that they drop everything they’ve been doing for the past however many years, and come to see me. I treat the body, not in portions, but as one physiology—as a whole unit. I know how to look at the bigger picture.

Throughout my website I talk about the law of similars. If a substance can create symptoms in a person, then that substance in a diluted dosage can also cure the illness that has those same symptoms (most people relate this concept to a vaccination).  For example, the belladonna berry, if eaten, causes dilation of pupils and congestive headaches. So if you have a throbbing headache that is sensitive to light, then belladonna will cure your head.


Homeopathic medicine looks at the whole person, and it is the truest form of holistic healing. The law of similars has been carefully studied by homeopaths since the 19th century. These homeopaths, namely Samuel Hahnemann, were pioneers in the scientific community. Over 40 years, Hahnemann conclusively showed time and time again that by using the law of similars, you CAN eradicate illness forever. This method is gentle, unlike prescription drugs, which can often have harsh side effects. Even better, Homeopathy is fast and effective; this means you won’t have to wait long to start seeing amazing results.


It is time to stop managing your problems and eradicate your illness. Make an appointment today.

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