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Migraine Headaches

I would like to start this blog off with a yelp review from a patient of mine wrote April 22, 2016, named Emily P.
She wrote,
“MIGRAINE RELIEF! Receiving treatment from Dr. Greenberg has significantly changed the quality of my life. After fifteen years of failure, I gave up on the traditional medical community (i.e., neurologists, headache specialists) to find migraine relief. Dr. Greenberg’s treatment decreased my migraine frequency from ten per month to ZERO!!! Dr. Greenberg is highly attentive, responsive, cooperative and EASIILY ACCESSIBLE via text, phone or email. I will forever be grateful for this MIGRAINE-FREE LIFE!!!”

As Emily shows, if you are suffering from Migraines, or any other kind of headache, there is a cure for you. Homeopathic medicine is based on the Law of Similar. In the article, “What is Homeopathy,” you can read exactly why this choice is for you.

Headaches come in all kinds of varieties. Migraines, clusters, sinus, allergy, tension, and more severe pathologies. Once it is ruled out that heroic medical treatment is not needed to cure yourself of your headache, you have to ask yourself: “are the drugs I am taking going to cure the problem?” There is a vast amount of medical drug therapy available to individuals. None of these drug therapies, however, will cure the problem.

When treated for the pains in the head, other problems should resolve, such as mood, energy, digestion, or whatever else is ailing you. Homeopathic medicine is a holistic approach. In order to be well, all the symptoms that are not normal for you should be cured. That is right cured, meaning that it does not return and you live a healthy and happy life.

Belief plays a strong role in how we decide to treat our health conditions. It is hard for me to believe that most individuals settle for drugs that do not solve the problem, and can be potentially harmful. Why would you choose this route? Belief. Everyday, you are inundated by drug ads, news expose, races to raise money and awareness, and even celebrities being paid to tell you what to do with happy music and a smile.

There is no reason to suffer anymore! Homeopathic medicine has been curing people since 1796. The principles that guides homeopathy has not changed in all that time.
You should not only want relief, but should no longer have to ever suffer with headache again. Being free of pain is every human beings’ right.

In Emily’s review, she mentions that I am accessible. This is completely true. I give every one of my patients my email or cell phone if needed. You are not in this alone.
It’s time to stop the pain, nausea, sensitivity to light, noise, or whatever else creates your headache. It’s time to stop worrying about all your triggers for headaches. It’s time to take the first step toward being happy, healthy, and free of pain.

Dr. Alan Greenberg, APH

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