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Naturopathy vs Homeopathy

One of the most common questions I receive is, “what is the difference between Homeopathy and Naturopathy?” The answer is very simple. Naturopathy is a degree, in which a person becomes a doctor called a Naturopath. This is a person that treats the body with natural modalities. A modality is a tool a person uses to help someone heal. Some of the modalities that a Naturopath can use include diet, hydrotherapy, cleanses, adjustments, Acupuncture, herbs – and also Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a modality that works through use of the Law of Similar. This means, that if a substance can make a person develop symptoms, like a headache, or nausea, for example, then that same exact substance, used in diluted quantities, can cure the person who exhibits the same similar symptoms as to what the substance produces.

A very famous remedy is Arnica Montana, also known as Leopard Bane. Arnica is used for injuries that are black and blue or for a person who feels beaten up. If someone presents any of these symptoms, then Arnica may be useful. I reiterate, Arnica may be useful – provided a professional decides that the symptoms match properly.

Another famous remedy is Belladonna, which can help migraine headaches, high fevers, strep throat, and severe earaches. Arsenicum is another popular example; Arsenicum can be used for heartburn, anxiety, restlessness, and even obsessive compulsive disorder.

Homeopathy uses this Law of Similar to eradicate the illness, not just mask it with drugs that cause all kinds of toxic effects. Homeopathic medicine is wonderful, here is a recent testimonial from yelp, ML Wrote:

Best use of my Health savings account card. This doctor actually cares about his patients and is available by text or phone even when I am traveling. He cured my migraines, which I’ve had for 15 years. He treated me for a bad virus over the phone when I was on work travel and gave me all the tools to help myself and I was nearly 100 percent the next day.  I am an executive with a master’s degree and I usually
do not go for this stuff, but he is the real deal. I am taking my whole family to see him.

ML had a long-standing chronic problem, which was resolved fairly quickly through the use of Homeopathy. When ML first saw me, ML was having headaches 15-20 times a month. Often during chronic treatment, a person can have an acute illness like the flu, as ML did. Both problems were able to be effectively treated using Homeopathic medicine.

It is time to finally get well and stop managing your problems.

Dr. Alan Greenberg, APH

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