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Skin Allergies

For many people, the skin is a very sensitive area. Of the many conditions the skin develops, i.e. a rash or itching, there is often an allergic component to that condition. These conditions can come from virtually anywhere; the skin can develop problems due to allergic reactions from animals, soaps, clothes, chemicals, or even food.
In order to cure your skin condition, I take everything and anything into account that might have led you to develop your skin condition. Homeopathic medicine is a natural approach that looks at the whole person and does not just blindly focus on only the skin condition and nothing else. By taking into account your entire being, I have had many patients who have been completely cured of allergic skin conditions.
If you have hives, eczemas, rashes, or cracks in the skin, this may be due to an allergic component. With me, you will not have to pay for costly allergy tests or cut things out of your life in hopes the skin will improve. Homeopathic medicine will allow your body to have a subdued immune response to the skin condition; meaning that I will help strengthen your body so it can rid itself of the allergy on its own. Homeopathic medicine works in tangent with your body; it helps you become stronger and lessens your sensitive to your environment or the foods you eat. With a strengthened immune system, you will have more flexibility as to what environment you are able to hang out with friends in. You will be able to pet your animals and eat the foods you love. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not; you are simple discovering the difference between problem management and actually being well.
Homeopathic medicine has been successful with people since 1796. Literally millions of patients have been cured of these distressing symptoms.
The benefits of homeopathic medicine go beyond just relief of the itch. I have a patient who recently visited the office. The patient had a severe rash on her buttocks, which extended down to the thigh. The itch was maddening. My patient cut out everything from their diet to try to relieve the itching, to no avail. After I administered a homeopathic medicine known as Sepia, my patient had relief from the itch in less than 48 hours. Even more, the patient’s asthma improved, and mood became happier, as well as calmer. This is a typical story in my line of work; as you can see, the whole person improves, not just a piece of them.
My name is Dr. Alan Greenberg. I am an APH, which is a special license here in Nevada. Allergies are a very common ailment that I see in my office from day to day. Since this is a total holistic approach, all symptoms become important to the main problem, even if doesn’t seem related to the problem that originally prompted you to seek help.
Please call my office at 702-476-5100 to set up an appointment. Stop managing your problem. It is time to finally feel well: physically, mentally and emotionally.
Dr. Alan Greenberg, APH

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