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Homeopathy Las Vegas

Finally, The Perfect Solution to Your Health Problem.

Dr. Greenberg is a Trusted Medical Professional who uses Thirty Years of Expertise to help you get your health back. Results in as little as 10 days. 


What People Are Saying

Firsthand Accounts of Patients who have experienced Permanent, Life Changing Results under Dr. Greenberg's Expert Care.

"I was suffering from brain fog, sleep disturbances, agitation and deep muscular aching."

February, 2023

"After an hour initial consultation and a thorough history of my health, Dr. Greenberg settled on a remedy. Immediate results were noted in the first couple months. Dr. Greenberg met with me monthly and listened attentively. There were some instances of flare ups of the symptoms. Dr. Greenberg took time to understand what was happening in my life holistically - emotionally, mentally and physically. Each time he carefully adjusted the dose of my remedy. I am happy to report that my symptoms are gone and I feel much more balanced and healthy. Dr. Greenberg is an excellent diagnostician and a caring, compassionate homeopath. I highly recommend him.
Lara Toblas
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"Dr. Greenberg was the only doctor that was able to help me with the severe abdominal pain I had been experiencing for 8 months."

October, 2022

“I had every test you could imagine and was always told everything was “normal”. As you can imagine, that is very disheartening. Dr. Greenberg was the only doctor who told me that it was not normal and actually believed my symptoms. Not only is my abdominal pain almost completely gone, but so is my anxiety that I have had since I was a child. I went to him hoping to get the source of the debilitating daily stomach pain, but now my overall health is so much better too! My menstrual cycles are regulating, my energy is better, I’m sleeping better, and I feel the best overall that I have felt in a long long time. Dr. Greenberg is amazing and I’m so grateful for his knowledge and patience! This is going to sound very cliché but he changed my life!
Melissa Dinner
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"I thought I had arthritis, only to discover I was staring down the barrel of Stage 4 Kidney Failure."

March, 2021

"A scary situation for any 35 year old. I won't say it's been easy, but since being on the remedy Dr. Greenberg prescribed, I've seen such positive changes in such a short period of time that its helped me feel optimistic about my future. Allopathic medicine pretty much lays out your options as Dialysis, Transplant or Death...and those were options I could not accept! While I'm still only in the beginning stages of healing, I have confidence that I can still live a long and healthy life. I feel like I have a true partner in my healing. Someone who actually cares about whether
or not I get better.
I highly recommend Dr. Greenberg to anybody, for anything!"
Cat Savelio
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"Dr. Greenberg is the real deal. This was my first experience with homeopathic medicine."

October, 2021

"I stumbled across the idea of seeking homeopathic treatment doing research for controlling thyroid condition without adding another pharmaceutical for life. I was so new to this type of treatment - I didn't realize Dr. G was going to try to treat every ailment I had. I had so many problems that I had made peace with the idea of having sickness/poor health and meds for life. I won't bore everyone with all the health problems I presented to Dr. G. but I think he likes a challenge. Surprising me all the way - things started improving. I had irritable bowel syndrome for over 35 years-well guess what- that's gone! Severe migraine history - so debilitating in the past-I think I spent half my days in bed - I now have stretches of six weeks or more at a time without headaches. My energy level has improved so much I no longer feel 30 years older than my age. And yes, my thyroid numbers also improved dramatically.
Susan L.
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"When I got the positive Covid test result, I was scared."

December, 2020

“I had a very bad headache, nausea, fever and a sore throat. Dr. Greenberg responded to my request right away. After taking the information on my symptoms, he gave me a remedy. Within two hours, the majority of my symptoms was gone. That was a huge relief, because I have an autoimmune condition. But Dr. Greenberg was available to me the whole time and the open channel of communication gave me peace of mind. From start to finish, all symptoms were gone in less than a week."
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"My legs caused me horrible pain for more than five years. I could not walk or sleep because of the intense aches."

March, 2020

"I sought help from 4 primary care physicians, 2 orthopedic surgeons and 2 neurologists, with neither a cause nor solution could not be found.
I imagined a future in a wheelchair. Reaching out to Dr. Greenberg was a crazy, last-ditch effort. I tell you the truth – in less than a week, I found relief from my leg pain! Over the following months, we worked together to perfect the treatment. Dr. Greenberg not only brought me freedom from pain, he also gave me a bright future."
Carrie S.
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How Does it Work?

Homeopathic Treatment is Remarkable because it stops simply managing the problem and instead, CURES the issue with a principle called “The Law of Similars.” Watch the video to see this Law in action. 


Is Your Condition Treatable?

Rather than attack disease itself, Homeopathic Medicine helps strengthen your body’s natural defenses so that you have the ability to get rid of the problem YOURSELF. See the just a few of the many types of health concerns Homeopathy can treat using this groundbreaking method.

Brass Tacks

Can I Afford It?

Especially in light of the COVID-19 shutdown, and record levels unemployment, it’s more Important than ever to get the Quality Care you need without breaking the bank. Compare the cost of different Healthcare Options to confirm that when it comes to Homeopathy, there’s no comparison.

Method Initial Visit Ongoing Treatment Commitment Extra Fees
Method Homeopathy
Initial Visit $200
Ongoing Treatment $100 or $75 w/ Autopay
Commitment 1x/month
Extra Fees $12 Remedy
Method Chiropractic
Initial Visit $65-200 + x-rays ($100)
Ongoing Treatment $65-200
Commitment 3x/week
Extra Fees $50 per Therapy (Electrotherapy, massage)
Method Stem Cell
Initial Visit -----
Ongoing Treatment $4,000-8,000
Commitment 8-10 Total
Extra Fees $500 Platelet Rich Therapy
Method Acupuncture
Initial Visit $100-300 + Diagnostics ($150)
Ongoing Treatment $50-70
Commitment 3x/week
Extra Fees $150+ Monthly Supplements
Method Functional Medicine
Initial Visit $300-800 + Lab Work ($250ea)
Ongoing Treatment $1,000-5,000 per Package
Commitment Varies on Program
Extra Fees $500+ Monthly Supplements
Method Naturopathy
Initial Visit $250-400 + Lab Work ($250ea)
Ongoing Treatment $100-200
Commitment 1-2x/month
Extra Fees $100+ Weekly Supplements
Method Physical Therapy
Initial Visit $150-225 + Exam ($150)
Ongoing Treatment $100-200
Commitment 2-3x/week
Extra Fees $50-150 Home Equipment
Method Psychotherapy
Initial Visit -----
Ongoing Treatment $120/hr
Commitment 1x/week
Extra Fees -----
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