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Ailment Homeopathic Treatment Part four – Female issues by Dr. Alan Greenberg

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg. I’ve practiced homeopathic medicine in Las Vegas, and I want to talk about a very common problem that I have in my office and that is female issues. And I’m not talking about men having problems with women. There are many problems that women have that are solely for women and that’s menstruation they can have a problem with. They can have a problem with sterility. They can have a problem with moods and hormones.

And for instance, let’s say you have a daughter. She’s 12 years old and she starts having her cycles the first time, and she has a lot of pain. And the next one, she has a lot of pain. It’s a very common problem because when women go through puberty, and even men, puberty can be a hard transition state for some people.

What most people do is they go and they take birth control, estrogen. Could you imagine starting taking estrogen at 12 years old? This has a host of problems associated with it, from improper menses to suppressing it, to different types of cancer, to sterility.

Homeopathic medicine will balance your hormones and will also make it well. Many of my patients, when they come in … Let’s say they have back pain and they also have menstrual problems, but they come in for back pain. I give the woman a remedy and they come in and they say, “You know, I had no period. I had no pain or no PMS. What’s the deal?” Because it’s not normal.

For instance, let’s say you have a period problem and you’re going to be asked questions like, for instance, how often does it come, from me. Is it too often or too rare? Is it too much blood or not enough? Is pain associated with it? Is mood associated with it? Is eating, temperature … All these things go into the homeopathic diagnosis.

We get a good idea of what’s going on with the period then we need to know, again, about additional complaints. Do you have headaches? Do you have sleeping problems? Do you have depression? Do you have allergies? Whatever it is, some people have multi amounts of problems. We call it multimorbid, many problems, three or four. Some people have their problems for 10, 12, 25 years. They suppressed many of their problems so much they can’t even tell me what the real symptoms are.

But by doing the homeopathic medicine and doing the proper procedure by getting the correct symptoms and conditions of life, things will balance out and you will do very well. And you’ll have a normal flow. Your pain will reduce. It will come on time. Many of my female patients, when they take the remedy, next thing they know is they’re pregnant when they had such big troubles getting pregnant. That’s another problem that homeopathic medicine can help. It’s an everyday problem in my practice. Thanks.

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