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Alternative Medicine

When a person is sick and is tired of being sick, fed up with drugs and conventional medicine (allopathic medicine), he or she begins to search out alternatives for their ailments. At a quick glance, it should be obvious that drugs are designed to only manage health problem, not to cure them. Even worse, the prescription drug’s side effects cause havoc on a person’s wellbeing. All the while, the person’s disease continues to progress, and as we age, even more drugs are needed to keep us comfortable.
Homeopathic medicine cures the disease, and treats the whole person. Please refer to my article What is Homeopathy for a complete description.
Alternative medicine is all other types of medicine that is not the conventional medicine type found in most MD’s offices and the hospitals. Homeopathic medicine is a true holistic approach that takes into account all symptoms distressing the person, and not just the main complaint. First, a complete understanding how the disease state affects you is uncovered. Then, by applying the Law of Similar, a complete removal of the problem is achieved and a person may live a happy and healthy life.
Belief plays a strong role in how we view our ailments. But what cures the ailments are the facts I discover when I talk to you about your main problem, as well as other symptoms that may not necessarily seem related. How can it be possible that so few people understand how to cure sickness, like arthritis, depression, anxiety, childhood illness, ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, impotence, inflammations, eczemas, or any other illness you can think of? How long did society believe the Earth was flat or the center of the universe? People were imprisoned for other ideas. I spoke to a perspective patient the other day while I was writing this article. She called for her boyfriend, who suffers from allergies. She told him to just use a nasal spray, but he refused. I asked her, “Why would you use that treatment that doesn’t solve the problem?” She did not understand. I then asked her, “When do you expect the problem to go away and be solved?” Then the light bulb went off and she said, “I see what you mean.” We have been so indoctrinated to accept treatments that are not curative that we can no longer remember what it means to be well.
The truth is, homeopathic medicine has been helping to cure people since 1796. Through horrible epidemics that killed thousands of people, the death rates in the homeopathic hospitals were less than 1%. Homeopaths have been permanently solving illnesses both mild and severe, gently, quickly and without the harmful side effects so many drugs cause, for over a century.
Please call me, Dr. Alan Greenberg, at 702-476-5100 to finally feel what it is like to be well.
Dr. Alan Greenberg, APH

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