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Abnormal blood sugar and diabetes weigh heavily on the minds of the people who have it, as well as the loved ones that surround them. And everyday, you see new drugs being released, all designed to lower blood sugar. These drugs might seem helpful, but in this article, I will bring to light how insane these drug treatments actually are, and how they are treating just a piece of the puzzle; not the whole person, which is needed in order to get well.


For starters, high blood sugar is a lab test. It is not necessarily a disease. High blood sugar can be indicative of warning signs, this is true. High blood sugar can mean a problem with your kidneys, or cardio vascular health. But high blood sugar could also mean a lifestyle change is needed. Having a higher body fat content can lead to insulin resistance, which can be dangerous. But the high blood sugar is still not the disease itself. A disease is when you have a sensation or function that leads to a symptom.


Let me explain further. A person cannot usually tell they have high blood sugar unless they take the test. So whether the blood sugar is high or low does not indicate the state of the person, it just indicates something is wrong. Even though the blood sugar, is not a normal function, the raising of it or lowering of it doesn’t change how the person feels, even though we know in this modern day that it is a warning sign indicative of something bigger.


The major problem with diabetes in the end is that it can become very dangerous. Diabetes can lead to circulation problems, which untreated, could lead to huge problems. The person could waste away, or could lose a limb. But just treating the blood sugar, using a drug to only help they blood sugar alone does not a make the person better. It just makes one piece of the puzzle change. It changes the person’s test, but it does not make the person well. You already know this, because once you start taking the drug, you know you have to continue taking the drug. You can never stop.


True healing allows the person to feel better, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Lowering the blood sugar without any of these benefits seems crazy to me. Giving medications without actually addressing the underlying problem makes no sense.


Let me give a clear example of how treating lab results and not the human being does not help in the long run toward making you actually well: I had a patient, a young girl, who was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome.  This is where a young person’s kidneys don’t work well; they have swelling on their body. There is a huge amount of protein found in their urine, showing the kidneys are improperly functioning.  Prednisone or other type of immunosuppressant is prescribed.  When I met the young woman (only twelve years old) she was on these drugs. On the drugs, the protein in her urine had dropped significantly, but was still not at normal levels.  The problem was that she was so fatigued that she couldn’t even walk from my office to the restroom by herself without help. That’s a terrible state for a twelve-year-old girl to be in. Even though her lab results were improving, it was clear she, as a whole human being, wasn’t. After taking the homeopathic medicine, however, she regained her strength in less then twenty-four hours.


I see this all the time. People worry about how high their sugar is. But the drugs only help the lab results. The actual person remains ill. In modern medicine, there is an old saying: “the treatment was a success, but the patient died”. In the hospital a patient has drugs that stabilize the heartbeat, or blood pressure. Yet they feel no better and die.


I write this article because unless the treatment helps your well-being and removes the symptoms that are distressing you, there is nothing being accomplished. The disease marches on. The drugs may slow the progression down in some way, but the patient stays sick.  In fact, many people have chronic ailments for 10, 15, 20 or more years.  Patients finally reach out to someone like me because of desperation. I don’t want you to reach that terrible point. I want you to be helped and be well as soon as possible. Don’t you want that?


Homeopathic medicine can make you well. It is based on using substances that cause similar problems, much like a vaccination. If you read my other articles, I show you how in nature this law exists.  Everyone knows that drugs only mask the problem and yet drugs are still the main form of treatment. This has to change. It is time to stop managing your health problems and eradicate your disease.




Dr. Alan Greenberg, APH

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