Stop Being Sick.

Dr. Greenberg uses a three step treatment program that eradicates disease and restores your health permanently.   

Has it been difficult to find relief from your illness?

  • Are you in constant pain?
  • Have you seen multiple specialists, with no answer?
  • Are you worried you'll be sick forever?
  • Do you struggle to get through the day?
  • Is your problem getting worse, despite medical treatment?
  • Does it feel like you're out of options?

How to recover your health. Explained in under three minutes

Homeopathy can treat your condition. Just some of the many Chronic and Acute Conditions that Homeopathy can effectively treat.

The Three Steps

Because it shouldn’t be hard to be healthy.



Free Consult

Connect one on one for answers you need.



The First Visit

Build a treatment plan unique to you.



Restore Health

Find permanent relief and get your life back.
Jennifer Newton
"When I first went to Dr. Greenberg, I had severe stomach issues. I have been going to him now for about 5 months and my stomach issues are gone and I feel so much better. Thank you Dr. Greenberg!"
Edward J.
"I was diagnosed with stress and depression due to a traumatic episode I was going through. Within a couple of weeks my mood improved and my general wellbeing was much better. I would highly recommend a visit to Dr. Greenberg?
Pamela Reeves
"I was in so much back pain with spinal stenosis. I went to Dr Alan Greenberg and now I'm pain free and off all other meds! Thank you Dr. Greenberg for giving me a better quality of life."
Alternative all natural Homeopath and Naturopathic

Dr. Alan Greenberg, APH

A practicing Homeopath since 1991, Dr. Greenberg's work with Tourettes, Post Stroke Problems, Severe Poison Ivy, and Teenage Poor Bladder Control has been published in the New England Journal of Homeopathy and his successful treatment methods featured locally in Luxury Magazine. Dr. Greenberg is currently licensed by the Nevada States Homeopathic Medical Board of Examiners as an Advanced Practitioner of Homeopathy. Call: +1 (702) 476-5100

Ask Dr. Greenberg how Homeopathic Treatment gives you permanent relief and improves your quality of life. 

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