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Homeopathic Remedy for Stress

A stressor can be any external or internal force that causes mental or emotional tension. If overlooked, stress or anxiety may have serious implications on one’s health or quality of life. Most often, people would attribute stress to external factors whereas physical conditions also compel anybody to adapt to changes. Individuals may have various interpretations of what stress means and have different ways of coping with stressful situations.

In homeopathy, practitioners pay attention to what patients say about their particular condition. As a natural treatment, the homeopathic approach understands that the most effective remedy for anxiety should be based on an individual’s concrete situation and characteristics.  Homeopathic remedies include pulsatilla, aconite, lycopodium, and so on. It is a complementary medicine, and its efficacy in treating common mental disorders has been proved for more than two centuries, despite claims that this type of treatment is unscientific.

Unlike sedatives, homeopathic medicines do not function chemically or act as suppressants, and instead stimulate and enhance the body’s natural ability to deal with stress and depression.

Here are some of the common forms of homeopathic treatment for different types of stress and anxiety:

**Please note** These descriptions cannot be used to treat, but just to give a person an idea of the different homeopathic remedies available. Each remedy must be matched to the individual’s unique problem. This is why it’s best to consult a homeopathic specialist on your individual situation.

Aconite or acotinum napellus

It is recommended for sudden anxiety, fear, restlessness, or panic. Symptoms of this kind of stress could range from dry skin, dry mouth, tingling coldness, numbness, to heavy pulsating headaches. This medicinal plant has to be used with caution as it contains some toxins.

Argentum nitricum

It can be used in the treatment of uncertainty-based anxiety in people who have fear of a lot of things. Such type of anxiety can exacerbate with rise in temperatures and congested areas.

Some people experience anxiety due to fear of criticisms, solitude, and gloom. Arsenicum album can relieve anxiety in patients who usually get stressed out in such circumstances, especially when they feel pressed for time or when they are particularly anxious about any small symptom of a dreaded ailment.

For depression caused by feelings of failure at work, homeopaths recommend aurum metallicum. People experiencing this type of anxiety also express lack of motivation and feelings of embarrassment.

Economic crisis has become a major stressor causing deep feelings of financial insecurity and fear of destitution in many hard working people. Stress brought about this anxiety usually demonstrates inflexibility and physical discomfort. Bryonia is highly recommended for patients whose stress levels increase with amplified feelings of economic uncertainty.

Patients who respond well to arsenicum can as well maximise the efficacy of calcarea carbonica. This can benefit people who have fear of functioning outside their comfort zones or have difficult adapting to abrupt changes or trends. Stressful situations include dealing with multitasks, tight deadlines, and other demands in today’s industries.

While there are individuals who fear loneliness or darkness, there are also those who avoid crowds or feel restless when given public attention.  Stress manifests through wobbliness, lack of courage, and vulnerability to fright. Gelsemium is for individuals dealing with this type of anxiety brought about by feelings of incompetence.

For depression, mood swings and hypersensitivity, qualified homeopaths recommend ignatia, especially in people coping with grief.  Mild depression caused by loss can also be treated with causticum. It can relieve overwhelming lamentation and absent-mindedness.

Kali arsenicosum is a remedy for health-based anxiety. Individuals suffering from chronic fear about one’s health usually have a hard time getting some sleep or calming their thoughts. They are also prone to panic attacks.

Kali phosphoricum is endorsed to persons who are susceptible to stress brought about by setting out unrealistic goals. People with this outlook tend to overwork and get ill just to fulfill their ambitions. As a consequence, this takes a toll on the nervous system and causes people to be jittery or emotional. Not only is this mentally and emotionally stressful, it also leads to adverse effects on physical health. Kali phosphoricum aids in calming the nerves.

Lycopodium is another treatment that helps boost self-confidence in people who tend to fear public attention. Anxiety is caused by feelings of inadequacy and functioning outside their capability. To conceal such feelings, some speak loudly or rattle on. Lycopodium also cures crankiness and seclusion triggered by stress.   Silica is also for individuals, who fear engaging new things and the public.

Homeopathic phosphorus is beneficial for people who get stressed out because of fear of nonconformity. They become distracted and disconcerted when provoked.

Pulsatilla is suggested for individuals who experience anxiety that is more appropriate in younger people. They tend seek encouragement and tend to be emotionally dependent to calm down.

Unjust acts or occurrence also cause anxiety on some people who have been mistreated. Homeopathic staphysagria enables this type of patient to feel braver and less defenseless or have a more objective perspective of their capabilities in unfavorable situations.

Stramonium is for people who experience anxiety caused by their tendency to imagine terrifying or dark thoughts.

Stress is a part of people’s lives. Developing resilience or coping with stressful situations is what matters most to overcome restraints and fears. Homeopathy complements this effort. It is a safe option for relieving anxiety the natural way and has been used for ages.

To get the best benefits of a treatment, one must consult a qualified homeopath for recommendations on well-chosen remedies.

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