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Homeopathy for Diabetes and Blood pressure

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg. I practice Homeopathic Medicine in Las Vegas, and I want to talk about Diabetes and Blood pressure.

These are very common problems that are asked by patients all the time, “Can Homeopathy help?” Both Diabetes and Blood pressure is a combination problem. Mostly they’re excess problems. For instance, and there’s a lot of controversy, but the main thing we know since 1936 is that, Insulin resistant problems are caused by fat. If you eat too much fat, you’re going to have Diabetes problems. You can go the other way, where you limit your carbohydrates, where you have no sugar, and therefore you don’t have Diabetes. But, the reality is, to make your muscles more glucose sensitive, you have to eliminate your fat. It’s an excess disease.

Blood pressure also is an excess disease in many cases. It can be from other problems like kidneys, and anxiety, but in general, both problems will need help with diet, exercise and the Homeopathic medicine. Now, some people can get well with just diet or an exercise, and some people need the Homeopathic medicine, especially if, let’s say, you have Blood pressure and you also have back pain, and you also have sleep problems. Bad sleep can raise the Blood pressure, like sleep apnea, and you have a combination of all these things … Because, Blood pressure for instance, is really not a disease as much as it’s a lab result, if you think about it.

You need a special instrument to know most of the time that your Blood pressure is high, and the way you really know that you’re sick in most cases, is by the symptoms that you have. And I know there’s a lot of … there’s more to talk about, about this, and that Blood pressure is important, and it should be under control, and higher Blood pressures mean greater risks of different cardiovascular problems. And the combination of Diabetes and bad Blood pressure increases it, because both of them are inflaming the arteries of the body, the circulatory system, and then they push on the kidneys, and all kinds of other circulatory problems.

I just wanted to mention, Diabetes and Blood pressure are combination problem. Here you must do a lifestyle … change of lifestyle as opposed to only the Homeopathic medicine. Sometimes only the Homeopathic medicine works, but many times you’ll need to do both.

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