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Homepathy treatment for Autistm, Dementia and Aspberger by Dr. Alan Greenberg

Hi. I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg. I do homeopathic medicine here in Las Vegas and I want to talk about autism Asperger’s. Okay. We did a video about ADHD and autism and Asperger’s, dementia in older people are all treated very similar to the way we treat ADHD. These are all, believe it or not, perception problems. So by going through these perceptive things, reading, writing, touch, pressure, warm, cold, memory, emotional traits, obsessive-compulsive disorders.

These elements become very amenable to homeopathic medicine. For instance I have a 95 year-old woman who was rolling around her own house screaming, in a agitated state. “I want to go home.” Didn’t know who her son was. After she took the homeopathic medicine she calmed down dramatically. The outbursts were minimal. It didn’t go away but they were down 90%. Kids who have autism or Asperger’s they may or may not get totally cured but their symptoms are dramatically reduced.

They start becoming more open. They function is a much more normal way and I’ve seen this time and time again. You have to be patient. These are not problems that will go away quickly. Don’t expect to bring your child in and then tomorrow they’ll be gone. And many of these children with autism and Asperger’s they need secondary help. They need occupational therapy and they need all the other therapies that go along to help.

But homeopathic medicine, what you see is a sudden change in the child. All of a sudden everyone starts saying things like, “You know, they’re going so much better with people. They’re talking to people. They’re making eye contact. They never did that before.” So autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, all these perceptive problems fall into a different category than they do with the normal homeopathic medicines where we just look things that make it better and make it worse.

We call it complaint, location and better and worse modality. I hope this helps. If you have more questions just feel free to call me. Okay. Thank you.

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