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Types of diseases that can be treated with Homeopathy

Hi. I’m Dr. Alan Greenberg, and I practice homeopathic medicine in Las Vegas. I want to talk about three types of diseases, if you will. There are three main types. There’s one. There’s mechanical. So, you break a bone, and you have to put it back together. Two, there’s lifestyle, right? You eat poorly. You don’t get good sleep. You have a bad marriage, a bad job, and that makes you sick. You get rid of the bad job, and you feel better. And the last is dynamic, and that’s when your body is out of tune in a way. We’re not going to go too deep into that.

What the main purpose of doing this little video is we have a big fad that we think that everything can be cured with just diet, okay? And that is far from true. Diet is not always the main cause. Diet can be a cause, but diet in many cases is just another management tool. Now, you need to have a good diet. You do. You need good sun, air, exercise, right? You need a proper lifestyle to get the ultimate benefits of health. But if your body’s untuned in a way where it’s making symptoms, okay? I find many patients living on these very restrictive diets. They can’t eat carbohydrates. They can’t eat protein. They can’t eat beans, and it just goes. The list goes on, and they have these very restrictive diets.

And when after a person takes the homeopathic medicine, they now can broaden their diet. All their symptoms still go away, and it’s not the diet that’s the problem. So, I hope this makes sense to people. I’m trying to keep this short and simple, and if you think about we have many problems in our society with excess, right? People doing too much, eating too much, getting too big, and all of these things will be solved by getting smaller if you have problems. But there are many problems that have nothing to do with diet.

For instance, I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you have back pain, and you bend over, and it hurts worse from bending. And let’s say you have headaches and worse from chocolate. You’ve found that if you stay away from chocolate, your headaches are much better. Both are very similar, right? Both are conditions of life that you’re sensitive to. If you make the person better, the person will then be able to digest the chocolate better and also bend over better.

In a small video, I hope that this clears up things. If you have any more questions, feel free to call me. Thanks.

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