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What is homeopathy?

First and foremost it is a system of medicine that uses a very gentle approach, in order to cure your disease. Homeopathy is based on a principle called the law of similar. This law is more fully explained on this website. If a substance can cause symptoms in a fairly healthy person, if a sick person has those similar symptoms, than a diluted doses will cure them. (Sort of like a vaccination).

Are there side effects?

There are no side effects because homeopathic medicine is not trying to force your body to do things it doesn’t want to do.

How long will this take?

years old or only 1 month old, homeopathy can help most problems. These are not hollow claims.
Homeopathy is used by millions and millions of people throughout the world. Hard working, ethical
and dedicated health professionals have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of helping patients get well.
These professionals are medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, nurses, naturopaths and lay persons.
It has taken 1000’s of hours to learn homeopathy, time and money to set up offices. All of these professionals
become homeopaths to help and serve human kind, not to make a buck.

What is an APH?

I have a degree in chiropractic, but my license in from the Nevada Board of Homeopathic Examiners. All homeopathic practioneers other than Medical Doctors, receive a license called Advance Practioneer in Homeopathy. In order to secure this license I was required to show my Doctoral degree, and post graduate education. I took over 900 hours of post graduate education in homeopathy before I began to practice. I had to take a state exam and pass in order to be licensed. Also my clinical experience in 2 medical offices in the East Coast was also an important. I have practicing homeopathic medicine since 1991

What are the costs?

Initial visit is up to 90 minutes, the cost is $200.00. All follow up visits are up to 30 minutes and cost $100 unless you go on auto pay then it is only $75.00 and second monthly visit is only $35.00 I typically see a person about once a month till all is well.

Does insurance cover the treatment?

I am more than happy to fill out any forms you have. Typically since an APH is only in Nevada, homeopathy coverage is usually denied. If you have a flex account or medical saving account you may use those.

What can homeopathy help?

Almost every chronic or acute problem. Emergency problems should be seen by the hospital. Homeopathy does not treat disease, but the whole person. Since symptoms (sensations, functions) are most important this affords homeopathic medicine to treat mild ailments to severe problems, like MS, Bipolar etc.

What are remedies made of?

Any substance that can cause a symptom when taken by a well person. Remedies can be from plants, animals, and minerals. All the medicine are prepared in a homeopathic pharmacy. For instance a remedy could be from a poison berry called Belladonna. The pharmacy creates a derivative of the poison which is very dilute, and nontoxic and non-addictive. I cannot go into why this is so but rest assured that the medicines are not like drugs, and very gentle.

9. Do I have to take the medicine forever?

Absolutely not! The proper procedure is take the medicine at the frequency prescribed. When all the symptoms disappear, continue the medicine till some symptoms come back. At that point it is the medicine causing the symptom and the disease is gone forever. This procedure could be quick or a long time. Even if you need to
take the medicine for a year or more you do not need to see me often as long as you feel well.

Is the medicine a placebo?

like MS, Bipolar etc.

Does homeopathy treat children?

Absolutely! Childhood illness, ear infections, bronchial problems, skin disorders etc. Even more severe like autism, insomnia, malformations, arthritis, etc. Very effective for children.

What about pregnancy??

Yes, homeopathy can help safely with morning sickness, infertility, other issues associated with pregnancy. All perfectly safe, unlike drugs.

Do I have to stop my medications?

No! I prefer no changes in your life so I can be sure the homeopathic medicine is working. As you get better, it will be easy to stop the medicines.

Are there any limitations in my life?

I only ask you avoid camphor products, and other homeopathic medicines except for my prescription. If you have a lifestyle issue that is getting in the way we will have a discussion to overcome this particular obstacle.

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